How to Maintain an Ideal Weight After Losing Extra Pounds

Dieting is never fun. When a person works hard enough at weight loss to reach their ideal weight, they will need to learn important foods to eat and strategies to follow in order to keep the hard lost weight off.

Fruits and Vegetables Will Keep Weight in Control

Many people know that fruits and vegetables are the key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle, but what is also important to remember is that fruits and vegetables will help keep weight off that has been lost through diet and exercise.

Fruits and vegetables are considered superfoods to keep weight off because they provide plenty of fiber and nutrients without adding high amounts of calories to a daily caloric intake.

Consider that a 12 ounce can of regular soda contains about 150 calories and two cups of strawberry slices 99 calories and it is clear that fruits are not going to cause excessive weight gain.

Green Tea May Help Keep Weight Off

Green tea may help maintain an ideal weight or to keep weight that has been lost from returning by providing helpful phytochemicals.

The phytochemicals found in green tea may trigger weight loss by stimulating the body to burn extra calories and mildly decreasing body fat.

Low Calorie Foods Before a Meal Will Keep Hunger in Control

One of the best ways to keep hunger in control is to eat low calorie soups or low calorie green salads before the meal.

Soups that are either broth or tomato based will keep hunger in control and the overall calorie consumption will be less.

Be careful of green salads and only use low calorie dressings because when high calorie salads are eaten before a meal, many people tend to eat more calories overall than when they eat a low calorie green salad before a meal.

Protein May Also Help Curb Appetite and Keep Hunger in Control

Good sources of lean protein include turkey, lentils, yogurt, and beans and lean protein may be a significant factor in a person’s ability to keep hunger under control.

Proteins are broken up very slowly by the body and do not cause blood sugar fluctuations that can cause one to feel hungry or tired. Protein should be eaten at every meal if possible, in small doses and as lean as possible.

High Fiber Cereals are Easy and Help People Feel Full

High fiber cereals are a great way to get required nutrients that are both filling and inexpensive. Fiber helps keep weight off by providing a sense of fullness and keeps the digestive system running smoothly.

By focusing on keeping hunger in control and feeling full longer, an ideal weight should be easy enough to maintain and any weight loss that has occurred over time should stay off.

The more full one feels by eating low calorie, nutrient dense foods, the closer they will be to their ideal weight.